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1)      Recording customer needs

  • Recording applications in the forms of service hotline, e-mail, fax, door-to-door of clients;
  • Inquiring the needs, identifying and recording specific location and contact information of customer 
     enthusiastically, patiently, and specifically.

2)      Distribution and management

  • Anglicizing and determining the cause and urgency of the problem, answering questions or guiding counseling of clients; dealing with common problems through the hotline.
  • Filling in the maintenance records and the demands or new tasks requested by clients to the background, assigning local technicians to make an appointment of on spot services.

3)      Statistics and returning visit

  • Registering and tracking feedback of processing results of problems
  • Returning customer a visit and recording the final observation and recommendation of customer.
  • Carrying out satisfaction surveys of customer within the required time.
  • Investigating and recording the quality and implementation of service.

4)   Dealing with customer complaints

  • Receiving and recording customer complaints.


No specific instructions, the hotline service is 5×8,7×10support including the statutory holidays MA service is 5 × 8