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Lotus Consulting

Fwone Lotus Consulting Service:

A.  Expertise of Fwone IT Service

a) IBM Lotus Domino/Notes system

Fwone is the highest level of IBM authorized education centre. The technicians in Fwone have more than 12 years experience in Lotus field and more than 8 years experience in Lotus teaching.
b) IBM AS/400 and RS/6000

Important: Software license fees by users.


B.  Fwone IT service provides the following services:

a)      Telephone technical support services

Telephone Support: when users encounter problems, call center service support. Technicians will solve the problem by phone.

This is basic services. The following services require pre-purchase.

b)     Technical Consulting:

Experts will analyze system on-site and put forward the suggestion and system analysis report.

c)      Emergency Call Service:

Call center will assign technician to the customer on site within 2 hours (4 hours for special cases) to solve the problems.

d)     Particular Services

Users give an analysis of some system problems. It will be solved by negotiation of both sides. For example:

a) System crashes regularly;

b) E-mail routing crashes regularly;

c) System is running slowly;

d) Copy problem;

e) Solve the specific problems of development.

e)     Training Services

a) To provide professional Lotus Domino / Notes professional certification training.
b) To provide end-user's operating training.