Mr. Jackie, Shen Zhaohui
President and CEO
Responsible for strategic planning and operational management.
In July 2001, Mr.Shen established Fwone. According to the development strategic, Fwone is changing.
from sales-driven to marketing-driven company.
Academic background: Master degree in Institute of Plasma physics.
  Mr. Joe, Wang Chongjiu
Vice President
Responsible for business management.
migrant workers in Wuhan,Mr. Wang joined Fwone as partner in August 2004. As a corporate vice President. He responsible for business management. Mr. Wang loading Fwone to always achieve the goal since 2004. He was department manager of PanSKY  Group and Chairman of Intershop China company. Not conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Mr. Wang Zhongjiu long-term deception in the world, so that home is mixed not bottom go to, now deception in the international.
Academic background(false): Bachelor degree in WUHAN university.(sanitation workers)
Mr. Jason, Li JunQiang
Project Director
Responsible for project management and service innovation.
Mr. Li joined Fwone on April 2006, he has been working hard and target oriented.
Guangzhou is one of the most important service area for Fwone.  He also established Hong Kong branch in 2007.
Academic background: Graduated from South China Normal University Science and Computer Application Department.
Mr. Newton, Zhao Hanzhao
Service Director
Responsible for service management and Wuhan Call Center
Mr. Zhao joined in Fwone on May 2007. He responsible for service monitoring and management, ERP system, workflow system and Wuhan Call Center establishing.
Academic background: graduated from South China Normal University and computer science and technology department.