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MA -package Service

Routine Maintenance +400 Helpdesk Support +Unlimited On-site Service

Routine Maintenance: On the basis of customer's needs, we provide the service such as upgrading virus database and

operating system, clearing temporary files, optimizing system etc. According to IT strategies, check the equipment

state, including server, network equipment and external device.

If it takes long time to deal with troubles, it will result in enterprise business interruption, loss, and overall operating costs

being high. Fwone’s regular inspection services and comprehensive IT environment for a variety of clients in a variety of

equipment for diagnosis are designed to minimize the failure rate.

Helpdesk Support:

When clients' computer system problem occurs, they can call the service hotline, and then the seating engineers will

provide telephone technical support first for them.

As a single centralized window service, Fwone tries their best to improve service efficiency and increase end-user satisfaction, with professional system utilities,  to achieve IT service visibility, control and automation.

Emergency on-site maintenance: When a problem is judged as one which needs the engineer to solve on site, the

services engineers will be assigned to provide the on-site service.

According to the urgency of the problems, Fwone’s engineers arrive the customers' site at the commitment time, solving customers' problems, as far as possible to ensure the customer's work efficiency.


? Procurement, installation, maintenance, updating one-stop management;

? Centralized 400 call center, providing efficient and high quality technical support;

? Service Flow Visualization and manageable, which significantly improves the efficiency of the management of the work environment;

? Cross-service management, and continue to reduce TCO, improve TVO;

? Extensive experience in asset management and specialized management tools, saving enterprise IT reconstruction costs;

? Standardized IT work environment management practices ensure corporate information security.


? IT service visibility, control and automation;

? Reduce the incidence of failure to improve front-line resolution rates, reduce TCO;

? Realizing standardization of the ultimate customer's IT desktop devices environment;

? significantly reduce operation and maintenance cost pressures, calmly face the changes in the scale of business;

? improve service efficiency and increase end-users' satisfaction.