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Free as the silver sand, running as the blue water
An autumn tour of the staff at Fwone, Guangzhou

All the staff at Fwone in Guangzhou went to Taishan for an unforgettable journey to the Flying Sandy Beach and the Tiger Gorge when the autumn came. The waves which were raised by the steady breeze stroked the silver sand. Picking shells, crabbing, playing with the seawater and sand, we lost ourselves in the clear water and blue sky. Stayed at the Sand Berm Fishing Port in sunset glow, we tasted fresh seafood. Green bamboos were shaking in the breeze; wild trees were casting shadows in the sun. We chased the wave through stones in the river. There was a visual feast of rolling peaks and running water in the Tiger Gorge. It was a wonderful experience that drifting there, which was both exciting and relaxing. We had left the laughter full of happiness along the way, on which the waterfall covered stones and woods grew flourishingly.