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The Tweedle of Waterfowl and the Fragrance of Lotus

An autumn tour of the staff at Fwone, Beijing


All the staff at Fwone in Beijing went out to travel with expectation when the summer heat dissipated and autumn came. The Baiyangdian scenic area, which has hot spring villas in Japanese style, made everybody yearned for it. We had felt how wonderful the life was when we lay in the warm water. During this trip to Baiyangdian, the wave of lakes was shimmering, the waterfowl was tweedling, the bulrushes were flickering, the fragrance of lotus was spreading, and the fields contrasted with the village. In the fresh breeze, we sought the footprints of Wild-Goose Guerrillas, which they left in the anti-Japanese war. All of this seemed to take us to the year of 1937.