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Fwone Shanghai Family Journey


In the traditional auspicious festival, Fwone Shanghai family gathers together to started 2014 happy journey.

Xikou Town

Though the noisy city, Fwone came to the Xikou town- Chiang kai-shek's hometown. Xikou Old Street is not long, but you will surprise with its historical emotion. Cooking man, fluffing cotton woman, old carpenter, all of them told an antique story in the old street of the old town.

SongLan Beach

With wet salty sea breeze, Fwone began the second day of travel. Songlan beach is one of the largest in east China. Wide beach is full of glittering and fine sand, made up a golden soft carpet. The sea merges with the sky into a distant blue nothingness. Overhead, you will find a bit of white with the wind. Under the intoxication of the sea, Fwone finished the journey in Shanghai.