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Fwone Beijing Family Summer Journey

It is a good time to travel at the end of the summer, Fwone Shanghai family arrived at the Tianmu Lake to enjoy their happy Journey, The Lake is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, Along with the exotic song we were dancing happily and we felt like that every cell of the body has been lit. During the stay there our fatigue was washed away in the waves; we enjoyed the wonderful time and played freely in the lakes and in mountains, feeling the inner peace and calm.

Fwone Shanghai Family Summer Journey

At the end of August, Fwone Beijing employees came to the Yuetuo Island. In the rich exotic island, we watched the unique natural scenery, experienced the power of teamwork in games, or frolicked together, let laughter and the nature take the Exhaustion away. Two-day journey shortened the distance among our big family.