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Fwone is committed to becoming an industry-leading IT services company. With the sense of responsibility, technology, process and standard, our users can get the professional IT service support of Group at any time,and any place in time, to ensure the users' business stability, continuity and growth.

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Fwone customized service plan for you

  • Daily IT Maintenance

    Resolve software malfunction and peripheral equipment failure via telephone support, remote support and on-site support.

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  • Planning and Construction of Information System

    Provides a one-stop solution service for enterprise.

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  • System Deployment and Security

    Assist client to deploy IT system, enhance its stability, security and effectiveness

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  • Server Room Maintenance and Migration

    Provide customized service for server room to ensure the safety and stability of server room and data center.

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  • IT Procurement

    Extensive experience and well-chosen reliable agent's resources, Fwone deliver high quality equipment at reasonable price and high efficiency, minimizing clients'purchasing pressure, simplify procurement process and deter potential risks posed by an ignorance due to lack of IT knowledge.

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  • Sevice Desk Support

    Provide service desk support with multilingual and professional IT staff with leading equipment.

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Recommendation of service plan

Fwone customized service plan for you

  • Many years of service experience

    Cumulative customers 1000+

  • Senior Engineer

    10 years + senior industry experience

  • The team support

    project manager and Senior Engineer 

  • there are many kinds of service modes


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