Butler Service

Irregular Inspection:

According to the user's it status, visit the user's site from time to time, provide operating system upgrade, virus definition update, temporary file removal, system optimization and other work. At the same time, according to the IT strategy, check the working status of various devices, including servers, network devices and peripherals. To avoid failure and long fault processing time, resulting in business interruption, loss, and high overall operating costs.

Help Desk Support:

When there is a problem with the customer's computer system, dial the group thinking service hotline, and the group thinking engineer will provide telephone and remote technical support first. As a single centralized service window, it can improve service efficiency and increase the satisfaction of end users. Meanwhile, with the use of professional system tools, it services can be visualized, controllable and automated.


Emergency Site Maintenance:

The service desk judges by experience that if the engineer needs to arrive at the site to solve the problem, the service engineer is assigned by the service engineer to solve the computer problem at the customer's site. According to the urgency of the customer problem, arrive at the customer site within the promised time, solve the customer problem, and ensure the customer's work efficiency as far as possible.


Telephone Remote Support:

Fwone service desk provides telephone and remote connection support to solve the problem, such as client installation and configuration of mail system, connection of printer and other peripherals, installation of common software and troubleshooting of office software.


Unlimited On-site Service:

The response time was 2 hours for serious problems and 4 hours for general problems. Local offices call the national unified 400 service hotline of qunsys, and the service desk will provide remote support after answering the call. If the problem can not be solved in 30 minutes, the service desk will arrange the service engineers to arrive at the site to solve the problem.


Service Content:

1.      Computer hardware maintenance, including: host, monitor, hard disk, memory, mouse, keyboard, printer, basic network equipment and cable maintenance;

2.      Computer software maintenance, including: general equipment (see: general equipment list) and general software (see: general software list) and non general software maintenance;

3.      Regularly update the hardware and software catalog, configuration list and provide necessary services;

4.      Cooperate with maintenance of local server and routing switch, such as system restart, shutdown and status check;

5.      Daily basic maintenance of telephone system (jumper and number setting, etc.);

6.      Assist new employees to handle it affairs and take charge of it office software training;

7.      Organize and coordinate it training;

8.      Cooperate with it to be responsible for desktop IT technical services within the scope of this contract.

9.      Network troubleshooting;

10.   System and network architecture analysis and description;

11.   It equipment line arrangement of user station;

12.  Mobile email settings;

13.  Mobile phone VPN configuration;


General equipment list




Integrated machine

Non programming network equipment

fixed telephone



TV and peripheral terminal equipment

General software list

Office series

Pdf viewer, document, picture to PDF software

Various browsers


Download a software

chatting software

translation tool

Mobile phone, tablet and other terminal connection software

anti-virus software

Email: outlook, office 365, lotus notes, Outlook Express, Foxmail, etc