On Site Service

On Site Service:

The on-site resident service refers to arranging engineers to the user's site for on-site service according to the needs of customers, which can be divided into temporary, short-term and long-term. Service engineers are divided into junior, intermediate and senior. English engineers can also be assigned according to language requirements.

•    Temporary resident service support: half day service support, one day service support;

•    Short term residency support: one week, two weeks, one month, one quarter;

•    Long term residency support: half a year, one year.

Service Contents Of Dispatched Engineers:

1.   Common office software installation, debugging, update, upgrade and troubleshooting.

2.   Computer anti-virus software installation and simple virus treatment after infection.

3.   Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of various office electronic equipment.

4.   Technical support of teleconference system and video conference system.

5.   Maintenance of office telephone system.

6.   Technical support for large or important meetings of the company.

7.   Other services or arrangements related to office maintenance and it technical support.