Telephone Remote Service

Service desk telephone remote support

 According to the requirements of computer maintenance service proposed by customers, we provide real-time and fast Chinese telephone remote technical support service support for customers with high service quality, high efficiency and standardized service process.

The service scope covers the support services of windows professional and home series.


Telephone remote service content:

1.   System troubleshooting;

2.   Installation and configuration of Party A of mail system: including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, archiving, importing old mail, importing contact person and email test;

3.   Printer and other peripheral connection: network printer connection, driver installation, adding new printer, printer test;

4.   System optimization: system startup optimization, garbage file cleaning, system patch update, system driver update;

5.   Hardware repair within the warranty period: call the manufacturer's service phone to make an appointment for hardware replacement service;

6.   General software installation: install software source in file server or storage device

7.   Office software fault processing: fault analysis and processing, repair and installation, add and delete functions;

8.   Data backup: file data backup, mail data backup, special software data backup.