Fwone has nine operation centers: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. With services covering more than 60 cities in mainland China and Hong Kong. Fwone can not only provide a variety of humanized, to meet the needs of different customer service products, but also to provide users with practical and development of a variety of services.The service engineers have the service process and standard conforming to ITIL specification, and the IT expert groups of Fwone have rich service experience. Fwone is IBM's highest level authorized training and education center, representing the most advanced computer technologies.

Fwone IT Service Solution

Customer repair process

  • customer service hotline 
  • The mail service
  • Self repair 
  • Chat tool for repair
  • Customers will report to the national service hotline at 400-678-2400 for repairs, not only without any long-distance charges, but up to 24 hours of telephone backup support

  • Send email repair to s@fwone.com or Servicedesk@fwone.com. 

  • Visit http://c.fwone.com on your computer or mobile phone. After logging in, fill in the fault contents and acceptable service time according to the system guidelines, and then Fwone engineer will contact you for maintenance matters. And in the independent repair reporting system can real-time view repair progress, as well as view regular repair report

  • You can follow Fwone WeChat official number: Fwone2001 to apply for repair anytime and anywhere, or click on the official website of the online customer service for online consultation.

Customers place orders on their own

Convenient order, quick response, just sign in and click "I want service" to order.
Our engineers will solve your problem within your appointment time.

The self repair system can check the repair progress in real time and check the regular repair report.

Go and make an appointment

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